Sam Swink

Sam has been with FIGHTERJETS, INC for several years, taking on a key role over this last year. Sam has been involved in the aviation world since birth as his father is a pilot. Starting around age 12 he began flying RC planes recreationally, and then in competition. In 2012 he was a world competitor in RC planes, even having sponsorships. Around age 15 he started working on planes in general aviation. In 2016 he completed his A&P certification in Waco, Texas further expanding his role in aviation. Since 2019 he has been a Director of Maintenance, maintaining three jets.

When he is not maintaining these three jets, he is the head mechanic for Randy’s Mig-17F, 1611. He has been able to travel with the jet to airshows his day job allows! He has been instrumental in the off season maintenance for 1611 and when it returns back to the HAMM Hangar between shows.

Sam is married and has one son. You will often see them at the Hangar helping out with the jet and with Lucy!

Sam Swink Crew Chief