Night Demonstrations

Night Airshows or shows that include a night show over the weekend are playing an increasingly large part of North America’s airshow Industry. Air shows from Thunder over Cedar Creek, to Oshkosh are making the night show their premier event of the weekend as well or as a way to say thank you to the sponsors.

Randy W. Ball is the ONLY Unlimited DAY and NIGHT jet fighter Aerobatic pilot in North America. He’s performed more night shows in Jets than any other performer in North America airshow history.

From the second the Afterburner kicks in on his takeoff, to his signature pass down the 500 foot show line in the deep twilight light with a 30 foot afterburner flame behind him, all while only 20 feet off the ground and traveling over 600 mph

RANDY W. BALL and his MiG-17F Has left Airshow fans and sponsors speechless for years now.

If you’re a show that has a night component or you’re just thinking about having a night demonstration Friday evening for your sponsors,  Randy W. Ball will make your show a night they will never forget!