Michael L. Terfehr joined the Fight Jets Inc team in 2018 as an additional PREMIER Jet Demonstration Pilot.  Michael currently performs full aerobatic displays in the MiG 17F, MiG 15, CT-33 Silver Star (AKA T-33 Shooting Star), and L-39 Albatross throughout North America, Canada, and Central America.

Michael owns and operates through Fighter Jets Inc, his MiG-17F and L-39, based in Traverse City, Michigan, where he resides.  Traverse City is an excellent base location for airshows across the Midwest and Canada!

He first flew solo on his 16th birthday, where he grew up in Southern California, and shortly after received his pilot’s license on his 17th birthday.  Currently, Michael has over 12,000 plus flight hours and has flown over 75 different models of aircraft.  Michael is flying several other aircraft, including Cessna Caravan Float Plane, Bell 407, AS350 helicopters, and the Gulfstream 650ER in worldwide operations.

Michael competed in professional aerobatics for seven years flying the Pitts S2B, Extra 300, and the Russian Sukhoi 29.  The World Aerobatic Champion from the Soviet Union, Sergei Boriak, professionally trained and coached Michael during his competitive aerobatic career.

  • Over 30 years as a pilot, today a corporate captain and business owner
  • Over seven years of air show experience
  • Over 1,000 hours in Russian, Eastern European, and Canadian Jet Fighters
  • Over 12,000 hours of total flying time
  • Flown over 75 different types of aircraft
  • FAST Lead Card Holder
  • FAST Formation Designated Check Pilot Examiner
  • SAC Card Holder, Cat I Full Aerobatic Displays
  • Jet Aerobatic and Formation Instructor

The FAA has authorized Michael to provide flight training in the L-39 and MiG-15UTI, CT-33 Silver Star.  Contact Michael direct at michael@fighterjets.com for more information on airshows or training.

Michael is passionate about sharing aviation with all persons interested and is a true aviation professional.  He looks forward to sharing the magic of flight and inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals.