Greg Howell

Born and raised in Mississippi, Greg Howell knew from the time he was five years old that he wanted to be a pilot. After sitting in the seat of a fighter jet, the taste for flying was passed to him right from his fathers hands, who was a pilot with the Air National Guard in Meridian, MS. Growing up around military flying and watching his dad take off and land RF-84ís and RF-101ís, Greg was hooked! Flying for the first time at age 15, he later enrolled in flying lessons and soloed when he was 20.

Enlisting in the same Air Guard Unit as his dad in 1979, Greg advanced on to pilot training in 1982 with the U.S. Air Force at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, TX. During pilot training he flew the T-41, T-37 and T-38. After returning to his unit in Meridian in 1984 he trained for combat readiness in the RF-4C Phantom accumulating almost 900 hours. Greg and his dad were the first father and son team to fly together in that unit. He also served in the same Air Guard unit with two of his younger brothers.


Gregís experience in the military afforded him many great opportunities in flying and gave him a deep appreciation and respect for the U.S. Military and the sacrifices that men and women make for our country. To date Greg has accumulated over 22,000 hours of flight time in a variety of aircraft. In addition to the USAF aircraft he has flown Greg has also flown the Convair 600/640, Falcon 10, Hawker 700, Boeing 737, L-29, L-39, Mig-15, CJ-6, Pitts S2-C and a variety of other single engine aircraft.

He spent 2013 flying aerobatic competition and placed third in the 2013 National Aerobatic Competition in his category. Greg is a formation qualified pilot with Red Star Pilotís Association and a member of EAA WARBIRDS OF AMERICA. Currently a captain with a major airline for over 25 years, Greg is excited to be with the FIGHTERJETS team flying the Mig-17F and to have the opportunity to share his passion for flying and help ignite the imagination of aspiring pilots.