Lockheed T-33A

The T-Bird it was first flown in the late 1940's with it's last example not retiring from active airforce duty until late 1980's. Giving it a service life of over 40 years. It was used for advanced jet fighter training up until the time of the Northup T-38 Talon was introduced. T-33's were used by both the airforce and navy in roles ranging from flight training, tactical work and even as the liaison aircraft of choice for the United States Airforce Thunderbirds. Also exported to practically every NATO country in the world.
Our T-33 saw service in the United Stated Airforce and the Airforces of Spain in 1988 until it was returned to the United States.
Flight training in this classic jet is a real treat, it's cockpit visibility is unmatched by any other aircraft of its day. Pilots enjoy a roomy cockpit with excellent air conditioning and an aircraft with enough range to truly make it a cross-country aircraft.
The flight characteristics are straight forward making it an excellent training aircraft for the individual seeking their first LOA, or any individual just wanting flight time in a truly classic airforce jet.

The two-place T-33 jet was designed for training pilots already qualified to fly propeller-driven aircraft.
This aricraft is currently undergoing restoration.
Service Ceiling: 46,800 ft.
Top Speed: 600 mph
Engine: Power Allison J33-35
Max. Thrust: 5,400 lbs.
Max. weight: 14,442 lbs.